When You Can’t Fix- Commiserate.

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Meet The Squad: Jay


Jay is a theater nerd in the body of a software engineer. He’s a pirate dinosaur super villain detective- or so I’m told. He likes Sherlock, his unicorn spirit hood, things with American flags on them, movies, staying up unreasonably late, and maintaining the upper hand in relationships by aggressively ignoring feels. He dislikes folk music, people that are too easy to figure out, and household items without an express utilitarian purpose. He expresses love by telling you your opinions are terrible, but we like him anyway. Probably.



Meet the Squad: Jason




Jason is the loudest person I’ve ever met. He’s also the most enthusiastic, which I guess goes hand in hand with his expressive decibels. He likes Spanish ham, beer pong, pajama pants, and Harambe themed parties involving gin for some reason. He dislikes people who¬†can’t play board games, quiet time, and being told his butt is big. Even though it is.