In Defense of Getting Bored

Scan 129.jpgI’m a bad reader.

Like many other things I’ve accomplished in my life due purely to a desire to prove other people wrong, I learned how to read out of spite. To make a long childhood story short, I skipped the majority of 2nd grade thanks less to a belief in my academic abilities, and more to a surprisingly effective attitude that I would be ok because I had no other choice. Coming out of a Los Angeles hippie commune filled with celebrity children and teachers who believed I would do things when I “was ready”, I found myself in a summer school program designed to keep kids with working mothers occupied, unable to write in print, and unable to read. Continue reading “In Defense of Getting Bored”


Every Time the Phone Rings…

Super Sam #1 (Edited)

…we die a little death inside


Things I Would Rather Do: Part 1



Meet The Squad: Sam


This is Sam. He works with Lemon in the trenches of Feature Co., the heartless engine of film making enterprise. He likes Funko Pop figurines, Superman, pink donuts, days when no one asks him to do pointless things, and making fun of his frequent existential crises. He dislikes disappointing company perks, when the phone rings, and thinking about credit card debt. Most importantly, he lets Lemon waste his time talking about stupid shit on the reg. That’s why he’s SuperSam.


Note to Self: